Innovation pays off

Products by Agro Synteza are innovative in terms of their application and properties.

Purchase of organic raw materials

Our goal is to develop the market in the ecology sector. If you run a certified ecological farm, please contact us

Agro Synteza is a modern company dealing with the purchase of ecological raw materials and the supply of agronomy-related goods.

Innovativeness of products and services is based on combining modern solutions of the physical and biological engineering sciences.


We offer

Agriculture-oriented products

We purchase

Ecological raw materials


Restoration of lakes and soils

The range of Agro Synteza’s business activity includes 3 main fields – sale, purchase and services. Below you will find the detailed offer of the company.

Agro Synteza’s mission is to spread innovative ecology based on natural biotechnology and nanotechnology products. By providing our customers with innovative, natural food products, we want to spread our knowledge of biotechnology and nanotechnology and increase their awareness of the environment in agriculture and the food industry.

Our goal is also to introduce the company to the stock exchange. Check out what sets us apart.


Profitable Cooperation

Love to nature




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Agro Synteza Sp. z o.o Sp. Komandytowa

Omule 77, 14-260 Lubawa

TIN PL 744 181 40 14, REGON 365187910, KRS 632606

Entry into the National Register Court. (PDF)

Share capital
467.000 zł
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Office phone number: +48 509 187 023
Cell phone number: +48 534 355 351

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